British Legion Women's Section Badges

The British Legion Women’s Section was formed in 1921 as the British Legion Auxiliary Women's Section and in 1922 renamed the format we all know today after a change in in the Bye Laws of the time and the "Auxiliary" being deleted – and became The Royal British Legion Women's Section in 1972 its task is to safeguard the interest of widows and families of ex-servicemen and women and to augment and widen the activities of the legion.

This is the  exhibition that is dedicated to Women's Section Badge it is here that the visitor will see on display an ever growing selection of badges that have evolved since the establishment of this arm of The British Legion in 1922. In 1946 the original badge was re-designed into what was then termed as the "new form" the more recognisable style that is available today.

Branch and County Officer's jewels of office have incorporated the original 1922 British Legion Women's Section seal badge  and so it continues today.

In this online exhibition of  British Legion (BL) Women's Section  (1922-1972) membership numbered and un-numbered badges, examples can be found from the following enamel badge manufacturers:

Birmingham Medal Company - BLWS
J. R. Gaunt, London -  BLWS

Badge Size

In the British Legion Head Quarters Branch Price List February 1937 badges where issued in two sizes Large and Miniature. Miniature badges either had a screw back or a pin back. After WW2  at the 1946 25th Anniversary Women's Section Conference the members voted to replace all sizes of badge with the small one.

Officially Numbered

All badges badges where officially numbered although there are examples of Honorary and some miniature badges that where not.

Although the design of the badge remains the same there are some variations mainly in the design of the corporate lion logo. The variation in badge manufacturers one would assume is a question of economics and the best price.


British Legion

Women's Section

Ordinary Member


J.R. Gaunt London

Brass body with Navy Blue enamel and a polished white metal Lion's head

44mm x 18mm