Royal British Legion Miniature Badge "Miniatures for the more discerning!"

Thanks to the acquisition of the British Legion Head Quarters Branch Price List February 1937 badges  we have been able to establish that there where two sizes of badge issued Large and Miniature, examples of these badges have been carried through the generations up until relatively modern times.

In this exhibition of Miniature badges we are demonstrating not only did they either have a screw back or a pin back, but later miniature badges also came with a crescent button hole mount.

Dinner Jackets, Mess Kit 

We suspect that the original concept of the miniature badge could well have been worn with white tie, dinner jackets and by the more discerning with suits in the city and elsewhere.

Sizes and Construction

The pre-war (WW2) badge measures 07mm x 09mm (5/8" x ˝"), and they have either a silvered or bronze/copper lions head taking the usual form of dark blue enamel over a brass base metal.

The Royal British Legion examples in this collection have the modern equivalent to the screw fastening in the ubiquitous butterfly clip.


Royal British Legion


J. R. Gaunt

Butterfly Clip

20mm x 14mm (11/16" x 5/8")