Royal British Legion Badges

The Ordinary Member Badge  (1921-2005) of the Royal British Legion has evolved in the 86 years since it's founding of the British Legion 1921. The British Legion became The Royal British Legion in 1971, however it did not gain royal permission to add the Queen's crown until early 1972. The current model thin lion head dates from around  1987.

From 2005 Legion now has a Single Membership, giving all members equal rights to participate in Branch, County and National decision-making processes of the organisation. All other badges such as Associate,  have become obsolete and can be considered as part of our history.

Various enamel badge manufacturers have had the honour of manufacturing the different types of badge over the years.

In this online exhibition of Royal British Legion (RBL) 1972 onwards Ordinary/Member unnumbered badges, examples can be found from the following enamel badge manufacturers:

J. R. Gaunt & Sons
Premier Badges
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Royal British Legion

Ordinary/Member Badge

(2005 Ordinary Members became Member)

1987-Present Model

Premier Badges

20mm x 28mm