British Legion Life Member Badges

Ever since the discovery of a genuine 1925 first edition of the Royal Charter late 2007 we have had official confirmation that their where four  different types of membership the British Legion were offering its members up until this, there had been much speculation as an when Life Membership was first established..

The Royal Charter

Under MEMBERSHIP Rule 7. - The Members of the Legion shall consist of four classes of Members namely Ordinary Life Honorary and Women.

(B) Life Members shall comprise such persons being Ordinary Members of the Legion as the National Executive Council or a Branch shall admit to Life Membership of the Legion.

J. R. Gaunt London where the first enamel badge manufacturer to be contracted to supply British Legion member badges. Since the discovery of the 1928 British Medal Company Gold Badge we could only roughly estimate when the Legion changed its preferred badge manufacturer it could be around 1927 -28.

The newly discovered J. R. Gaunt Silver Plated Life Membership badge has the Registered (Membership) Number of 165702 roughly equates to 1925 on our Unofficial Badge Numbering Guide.

Various enamel badge manufacturers have had the honour of manufacturing the different types of Life Membership badge over the years.

In this online exhibition of British Legion (BL) Life Membership Badges the visitor will see how it has evolve from its first appearance entirely silver plated, then in silver plated and blue enamel, and then to its final version in brass and enamel as illustrated below between the 1925 through to the 1960 model.

J. R. Gaunt, London BL
Birmingham Medal Company BL
J. R. Gaunt, London/Birmingham -  BL
Ludlow of London - BL
Roden of London - BL
J. R. Gaunt, Birmingham -  BL

Now days a National Life membership may be awarded to a member who has given at least ten years meritorious and conspicuous service to the objectives of the Legion as defined by the Royal Charter and who holds the Legion Gold Badge. The recipient retains his full rights without payment of subscriptions for the rest of his natural life.

When National Life membership is approved a framed certificate is sent to the member's branch for issue, together with a National Life membership card and badge.


To find out more about the award criteria for a Royal British Legion Life Membership we suggest that you go to the Royal British Legion in North Staffordshire's excellent On-line Museum's Awards Criteria Page


British Legion

Awarded Life Member

J.R.Gaunt - London

Silver Plated

Early Serial No. 165702

First Edition


25mm x 25mm