British Legion Cub Scout Troop Badge

The Cubs were introduced in 1935 and each month details were sent to its members telling the stories of "Peter and the Gang"

Members of the club under the age of fourteen and war orphans were given their own badge and membership card and were encouraged to do good deeds for ex-servicemen.

The club didn't survive the war however being "disbanded" due to a paper shortage in 1941.

There is a British Legion Affiliated Scout Troop cloth badge for wearing on the uniform, but not a metal one. It takes the form of a blue badge with the British Legion emblem in yellow on it and the wording underneath the emblem. Earl Haig, the day before he died, visited one of these troops.

The badge  above is blue enamel over a base of brass, there is no manufacturers name on the reverse.


British Legion Cub Scouts

This badge is blue enamel over a gilt finish base, there is no manufacturers name on the reverse.