Royal British Legion & British Legion Lapel Badges

Welcome to the main British Legion Lapel Badge page this is your gateway to a host of interesting enamel badges. From a historical point of view you could first visit our Related Badges pages where you will find fine examples of the four main organisations that formed (National Association of Discharged Sailors and Soldiers, National Federation of Discharged and Demobilized Sailors and Soldiers, Comrades of the Great War, and the Officers Association) The British Legion who represent discharged and demobilised ex-servicemen and women from the Great War 1914-1918.

Since 2005 The Legion has had a Single Membership policy, which gives all its members equal rights to participate in Branch, County and National decision-making processes of the organisation. All other badges such as Associate, have become obsolete and can be considered as part of the history of The Legion.

Through out the Collectors Club site can be found examples of The Royal British Legion, British Legion, and Women's Section Lapel Badges. Amongst the collection here the reader will find two prime examples of The Legion's highest awards that can bestowed upon a member; 'The Royal British Legion Badge in Gold', the National Certificate of Appreciation Badge and the Women's Section Golden Award their equivalent to the Badge in Gold .

National Certificate of Appreciation Badge

This badge although of no intrinsic value being made of base metal actually identifies the member as having been awarded the National Certificate of Appreciation which is The Legion's highest award.

Cub Scout Badge

Try a visit to our Cub Scout page and see the extremely rare British Legion Cubs badge.

Four Classes of Member

The 1937 Royal Charter Sixth Issue states that there are four classes of membership; Ordinary, Life, Honorary and Women. Badges had to be purchased from the Branch Secretary for One Shilling (refunded on retirement or expulsion from the Legion). 

Badge Size

In the British Legion Head Quarters Branch Price List February 1937 badges where issued in two sizes Large and Miniature. Miniature badges either had a screw back or a pin back. After WW2  at the 1946 25th Anniversary Conference the members voted to replace all sizes of badge with the small one.

Thanks to a recent acquisition of a British Legion Head Quarters Branch Price List Feb 1937 the club is at last able to establish a new designation of badge formerly called small but is in fact miniature. These miniature badges where in issued up until 1946 when they where replaced by the small badge.

Officially Numbered

All badges where officially numbered although there are examples of Honorary and some miniature badges that where not.
The design of the British Legion badge remains the same there are some variations mainly in the format of the corporate lion logo and off course the metal.  The variation in badge manufacturers one would assume is a question of economics and the best price.